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v2.1+ Quality of life updates


Keep on top of unfinished business

Didn't get through all of your tasks last week? Or bring back an old task from the past? We got you. You can now:

  • Move old tasks to today
  • Move tasks to next week while on the day view

Faster project assignment

You can now assign projects straight from the task without going to the overflow menu.


Even faster project assigment

Selecting a project from the assigment modal now closes the modal so you don't have to.


Prevent the project assignment search box from being focused on, on mobile

v2.0 We're out of beta 🙌

We're out of beta and to celebrate, here's a new release!

  • Tightened up the themes so light mode is as good as dark mode
  • Day view is now the default so you're more focused from the outset
  • We fixed an issue with subscription state not reflecting correctly
  • We fixed an issue where the overview might duplicate time if you have two projects with the same name


  • Fixed an issue where the overview would miss out some data with certain query types


  • Fixed an issue that showed the wrong state when a payment is over due


All the fixes!

  • We fixed some layout issues on the account page
  • We fixed an issue with the navigation when using Timo on iOS
  • We fixed an issue where Timo would stop recording on the account page
  • We fixed an issue where Timo would stop recording when using keyboard navigation
  • We fixed an issue where you'd be sent to the wrong page on login

And one feature...

We now show the minified todo whenever your recording todo is hidden. Even on the todo list!


Here's a new lick of paint for the account page so it's less overwhelming 🎨


You might notice a sudden increase in releases, but fewer release notes to accompany them. Fear not! This means we're bringing you more regular improvements and are heads down instead of thinking of quirky things to say here.

Here's whats in store for the latest version:

New domin & homepage

You might've noticed we moved to www.hellotimo.co and have a shiny new homepage. We would LOVE to hear your feedback on it! So please hit us up with an tweet or email with your thoughts.

Minified todo

If you're tracking your time while you're admiring your hardwork on the overview page, you might've been worried that we had stopped the timer. The good news is, we hadn't. The better news is, you can now see this fact.

The sidebar now contains a minified todo so you always know what you're doing and how long you've spent doing it ✅


It's been a long time coming, but we're VERY excited to share with you the latest release. Two neat features, both very helpful 👇

Day view 🗓

There comes a point in every working week where you've achieved a ton, but still have a whole lot more to go! Before, you'd have to scroll down your entire week's achievements to find the todo you need to check off. Now? Switch to day view and focus your view just on today's todos.

Even neater: next time you open Timo, it'll keep you on the day view so you can get straight to what's important.

First day of the week

It's been a long time coming, but for folks who aren't based in the UK, you can now head over to the account page and change the starting date for your week.

House keeping

We've fixed a whole host of bugs, and made improvements:

  • Improved the todo view performance
  • Improved the overview & project page layouts on mobile
  • Deleting a todo now syncs between devices
  • If you delete a todo, it doesn't stop recording what you're doing


Brand new Overview 📈

Need to generate a monthly report? Only want to see the time for one of your clients? The new Overview page lets you do exactly that.

With a fresh looking graph and more detailed time log, you'll be able to fill in your timesheets or invoices any which way you need.

What's new? Pretty much everything:

  • A new graph view
  • A detailed time log of all of your time
  • New controls to change between week and month views
  • Filter, to show only the projects you care about

Todo filtering ✅

You didn't think we'd only bring filtering to the overview, right? ... right?

You can now filter your todos to see only the project you're working on

We know that some times adding a project to your todos is a pain in the butt, so filter your view by one project, and create a new todo. See what happens next 👀

Faster project assignment 💼

We've got plans for a whole host of improvements here, but it's time for some quick wins.

When focused on a todo, hit ctrl+1 to assign the project at the top of your list. Try ctrl+2 and you'll assign the next project. If you're someone with a lot of projects on the go, you'll have quick access to your top 9 projects.

Not keen on the order? Don't forget, you can switch them around, complete them, or archived them on the projects page.

House keeping

We've fixed a whole host of faux pas, you wouldn't believe us. There's about 94 (and counting) changes we've made in this release alone. All so Timo works and looks better for you 😘


Time formatting

Seconds are nice and everything, but let's be honest. They're useless when it comes to invoicing your clients. Our thread confirmed as much.

So we've ditched them, and reformatted (almost) all places where you see time as like this:

9h 42m.

Missing todos

If you're blessed with speediness beyond the average person, then you may have noticed some of your todos disappearing* (we're very sorry 😢). This is now fixed.

House keeping

We're always improving the foundations of Timo, so it's more stable than ever ✨


Account deletion

Sometimes, goodbyes can be happy ones, and they're not always the end. That's why it's important you can delete your account with any service you might have. We don't want to hold you hostage, so now you can delete your account (and send us some feedback) in two taps.

Todo deletion

Keeping with the theme of deleting things, we've fixed an unpleasant bug where those pesky todos just wouldn't stay gone! Fear not, when you hit delete now, they'll disappear forever.

Other improvements

  • We've given the sidebar a new lick of paint (a new chat icon, and some spacing adjustments)
  • We've also made it a little easier to see which day is "today" so you don't get lost in your list


System theme support

Dark mode's great, but when you've set up your device to change theme to suit the time of day, it's annoying when your apps don't too (trust me, I know). You can now set Timo to "system" on the account tab and Timo will match its theme to your system preference.

Passwordless sign-in

Did you know, 81% of all security breaches are due to passwords? Well, starting today you can ignore all that faff and sign in using only your email 🎉


  • Set the default theme to dark mode again, so we don't temporarily blind folks browsing at night
  • Fixed a visual bug with the tooltips so they're all nice and pretty


Multi device support

It's been months in the making, but we've finally added multi device support. It's been our most requested feature since day one.

<aside> ✨ You can now access your todos from **any device** that has a web browser* </aside>

Project... management

There is now a dedicated page for editing, reordering, completing and archiving your projects. You now have full control over your project colours. If you're particular (like me) you can match the project colours to whatever it is you're working on 🤓


  • Added "Go to today" button
  • Added tooltips for timer and navigation


House keeping

Better error handling, so we can fix any issues you come across faster.


Access Changelog from sidebar

Find out what's included in each release.


  • Made it easier to switch between v1 → beta


Collapsable headers

We give you collapsable headers. Now you can hide away previous days todos and focus on your current day.

Improved Overview charts

We made the charts relative to the highest time within the current week. And added a small gap between each bar-chunk.


  • Fixed styling bugs



Big improvements to how the Overview page looks. We condensed the charts, so it's easier to compare more at the same time. A new table shows the accumulative breakdown of your time and todos across projects for a given week.

Sticky day headers

We made it easier to reference the current day you're view. Especially for those days with many todos.

Page title = Todo title

We now show your tracked todo in the page title, so you can see what's happening without navigating back to the app.


23 July 2020

All new design

We’ve given Timo a fresh lick of paint and adjusted the layout a little so it should be a whole lot nicer on your phone, or as a PWA.

Chat support

Hit the chat button in the bottom corner for a direct line to me (Rich) and Jordan. Feel free to give us feedback, report some bugs, or just say hello!


We’ve added a sprinkle of analytics here and there so we can understand what’s working for you, and what's not. We’ve been sure to minimise the data we collect and will continuously reevaluate the need for analytics at all, and if so, how best to use it in the most privacy focused way possible.

Infrastructure improvements

We’ve done a whole load of work under the hood to prepare for something a little more special.

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