Sources for Website Inspiration

Written by

Jordan Amblin


1st January 2022

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the start, middle or nearing the end of your design project, surrounding yourself with inspiration is always helpful. I like to start off my day with a coffee and browsing a few sites for creative inspiration. Filling your bookmarks with reliable sources will mean you can reach for inspiration much faster.

Let’s take a look at our go-to destinations when it comes to designing websites.

1. Landbook

This is my favourite place to go. I’ll fire it up daily to browse and see what’s new. Not only for inspiration, but to see what products/apps are worth looking at too.

In terms of inspiration, Landbook covers SaaS, portfolios, blogs and all other landing pages. This is certainly one to bookmark.

2. TypeWolf

When it comes to selecting your next font, TypeWolf is the only place to visit. With a collection that’s been growing since 2013, you’ve got stacks of websites to dig through (with a new one added every day).

TypeWolf focuses on websites with beautifully crafted design and type pairings.

Aside from the daily website listing, you’ve also got the font lists section, highlighting top choices across all typography and design styles (serif, sans-serif etc.). With direct links to type foundries you can easily click and buy.

3. UI Jar

UI Jar pride themselves on being a handpicked inspiration site for real life projects. From the first page you can see the quality of the selection is high. All the websites are beautifully designed from the typography choices to visual design execution.

UI Jar also covers graphic design and UI inspiration.


Aside from designing your website, you also have many other things to design before going live. One of the most useful is an Open Graph image.

If Open Graph is a new term to you, rest assured you have already experienced it. Ever seen a link shared on twitter, and it has an image preview? That’s an Open Graph image. A universal protocol used to streamline the metadata to summarise a website. is pretty new, but already has over 250+ images to scroll through. Not only is this incredibly useful inspiration for your OG images, but also for finding well designed brands and websites.


Godly takes the quality over quantity approach to handpicking websites to feature.

What’s great about is it’s filtering categories. Narrow down your search from the type of website, the style, fonts used, and even the frameworks and platforms used to host and build the sites. It’s great if you’re building through shopify or webflow, and want direct inspiration of what’s possible with the platform.

Most of the thumbnails are animated, so you can quickly browse animation patterns before visiting the sites.


The URL makes it pretty clear what you’ll get from this one. Dark mode websites are becoming more and more popular (we’re big fans, and defaulted Timo to dark mode). Whether you’re adjusting to the user device preference, offering up a toggle or going all in on the dark aesthetic.

Designing a dark website requires a lot of craft and attention to colour choices, contrast and images used.

Dark mode design is the place to go when next designing that dark landing page or portfolio.


Redesigning that portfolio again? We hear you! (I’ve lost count what iteration I’m on) Jump over to Pafolios to browse a diverse collection of portfolios from designers, writers and developers. From the simple and minimal to the beautifully animated, there’s enough for everyone.


Designing a landing page for your app? Browse top-class SaaS sites in one place.

Browse through all the key building blocks of a SaaS website, like pricing, FAQ and testimonial sections.


Working on a mobile app project and need inspiration? We’ve covered our 5 inspiration sources.

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