How to start freelancing 💫

The first and last step for your freelance projects.

No more scrambling to figure out how much to bill your clients. Focus on your work and avoid the organisational mess.

Preview of Timo's application UI
Preview of Timo's application UI

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It starts with your daily

The heart of Timo is the todo list. Where you’ll create, manage and track your working days.

Quit context switching.

Create, track and complete your todos in one place.

Track your time.

Control how granular you go by tracking time against individual todos.

Juggle projects with ease.

Maximise focus by showing only the relevant tasks and projects.

See your summary for the day, week or month.

When your working day is done, quickly see where you’re spending your time and all the information you need to bill your clients.

Total up.

All your tracked time neatly broken down and presented.

Day by day log, formatted for easy C V.

Daily, weekly and mothly breakdowns all easily available.

And we're not done yet…

Get it

Track your time on any device with a modern web browser.

Like an app without the app store.

Use Timo like an app by installing it as a PWA.

Work in any conditions.

Working on the go? Café wifi not cutting it? Timo works offline so you can too.

Dark & light mode.

We know you love dark mode, so we made it the default. Switch to light mode, or sync with your system settings so Timo matches what you want, when you want it.

Timo's light mode design
Timo's dark mode design

One plan, all in.

Simple, affordable pricing.

Billed Monthly

No credit card required.


Timo is my first and last step with every freelance project. An easy all in one place for all my project to do’s and time spent. No more scrambled notes trying to figure out how much to bill my clients. It’s great being able to focus on the work and avoid some of the organizational messes that come with projects.

Spencer MarshLead Product Designer, Turtle

Timo is super clear and easy to use. The stripped back nature of it means I’m not overwhelmed by too many features and I can focus on the task at hand. The overview feature is perfect for when it comes to creating my invoices. I can see where my time has gone and pull out all the relevant information.

Lydia MelvinFreelance Virtual Assistant

I love the simplicity of Timo having my to-dos and timer in the same place.

Charlie WardFreelance User Researcher & Founder, Weekend Club

Over a year ago I switched from Toggl to Timo and I have never looked back. I can easily track how much time I spend on different projects and have a slick TODO list for my everyday tasks.

Karl LäätsSoftware Engineer, Wise

Timo gives me lots of visibility around how much time I'm spending on certain tasks and projects so I can make better use of each day.

Christina PashialisFounder, ContentUK
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